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The Lusaka Animal Welfare Society is a registered charity formed in 1993 for the care, treatment, rehabilitation and re-homing of the Greater Lusaka area’s many domestic animals, especially dogs and cats. Many of the animals that we rescue have been starved, abused or abandoned through no fault of their own. LAWS is the only organization in Lusaka that does this work. However, our impact on Zambia goes far beyond, as control and welfare of the domestic animal population reinforces sanitation, health and security for Zambia’s human population as well.
LAWS gets no funding from the Government and functions entirely through volunteers and private donations. Thanks to support received to date from the Embassy of Denmark, the Becky James Foundation, Spay-is-the-Way, Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), RSPCA, SPCA International, Ad-dicts Ads and many other corporate and individual sponsors and volunteers, and the tireless Committee, we continue to operate and save thousands of Lusaka’s domestic animals every year. But it is a constant struggle, and we welcome more financial support and volunteers. With spiraling costs for food, veterinary services, staff wages, and other maintenance costs related to running a shelter, fundraising is a constant need for LAWS.

Lusaka Animal Welfare Society Advisory re puppy sales on the streets of Lusaka


Laws would like to inform our members & supporters that we are currently trying to set up meetings with the Lusaka City Council and the Police Commissioner of Lusaka to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between all parties re actions against the sale of puppies (and other animals such as rabbits, geese, parrots, etc) on the streets of Lusaka.
LAWS would like to receive the authority to legally confiscate puppies or any other animals being sold on the streets and report the seller to the police so they can charge the person.
Until such time that LAWS receives this MOU, we are not in a position to confiscate animals being sold on the streets.
In the meantime, we would however ask that anyone who witnesses animals being sold on the streets to report this to the police on 0979-180007
The more phone calls the police receives the greater the chances of LAWS being given the authority to act on this issue.

We also want to appeal to everyone NOT to buy any of these puppies, as sorry as we all feel for them, as this will only encourage this practice.

Thank you for your support

LAWS Committee .







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