What is the Biggest Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Ever?

Learn about what happens when parties reach a settlement in a class action lawsuit and find out about some of the largest lawsuits in history.

What is the Biggest Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Ever?

The main plaintiffs in class action lawsuits typically receive the most money . This is because they generally have the worst injuries and the highest damages. Prorated settlements divide the money in a class action lawsuit by dividing the amount equally among group members. Depending on how the agreement is drafted, each member of the class may receive a different share of the settlement. In pro-rated settlements, if a large number of claims are filed, the payment of the class action settlement may be lower than expected.

Class action lawsuits begin much like other legal actions, with a complaint filed by the plaintiff against other parties that they allege caused injuries. An additional step in the class action process is that the plaintiff must demonstrate that the kind of people they want to represent are correct and that the plaintiff is an appropriate representative, which is called class certification. The judgments came from all state and federal courts, including private plaintiffs' class actions, class actions, and government enforcement actions. Under certain circumstances, coupons, especially those that don't expire or are restricted, can be included in a class action settlement.

Attorneys' fees in class action settlements can be structured differently, but must be approved, along with the rest of the settlement, by the court. Top Class Actions is a legal news source that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, drug-related injury lawsuits, and product liability lawsuits. A notable example of a class action lawsuit was related to menstrual panties which were promoted as a “safer and more sustainable option” for menstrual hygiene. The lawsuit alleged that their products contained chemicals (such as PFAS) that are harmful to both humans and the environment.

This is partly because class action settlement amounts are a variable objective until payments are made, long after the parties reach an agreement. When the parties to a class action lawsuit reach a settlement, there is generally a provision for the plaintiff's attorney's fees. There may also be unclaimed funds after splitting the money in a class action lawsuit for several reasons. Below is a list of other notable class action settlements in the United States, including some of the largest lawsuits in history.